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Just as Customer Acquisition describes the overall strategic process around identifying market sectors, targeting client prospects, running direct marketing campaigns, selling and receiving the order (i.e. acquiring a new customer), so Talent Acquisition involves all the sub-processes around finding, attracting and engaging highly talented individuals into your organization. Hence TML's Talent Acquisition involves the planning, sourcing, assessing, hiring and on-boarding of top talent. Strategic Talent Acquisition takes a long-term view of not only filling positions today, but also using the candidates that come out of a recruiting campaign as a means to fill similar positions in the future. In the most enlightened cases of Strategic Talent Acquisition, we help clients to recruit today for positions that do not even exist today but are expected to become available in the future.

Strategic Talent Acquisition:

Strategic Talent Acquisition allows us access to a pool of competitive talent that would otherwise have been missed or even worse, ignored.

Taking the long term strategic approach to talent acquisition has a huge impact on how an approach is made to a candidate. If the approach is purely tactical in nature, all we ask of the prospective candidate is "are you qualified and interested?"

However, if the approach is more strategic in nature, the intent of the call is to go much further, and the conversation becomes more relationship building. The candidate has an opportunity to explain his/her future career aspirations, and the recruiter gathers enough information to determine if there is a potential fit in the client organization. If during a strategic recruiting call the candidate declares that they are both qualified and interested, then the tactical nature of the call has been automatically fulfilled. If, however, the candidate lacks sufficient experience, or the timing for a career move is not propitious, then they become candidates for the future, and all the recruiter has to do is keep in touch until either they become available, or a position with the client organization opens up.

Most of the money spent on Strategic Talent Acquisition would have been spent in a tactical recruiting mandate anyway. The only additional cost is in collecting data on high-potential candidates and then keeping in touch with them until hire is made. The additional cost becomes insignificant compared to the value of hiring top competitive talent over time.

Senior Search

We use new data-mining techniques and tools, combined with age-old headhunting techniques, to mine the organizational structure, employee identities, and employee performance indicators of talent and product competitors. This competitive intelligence is later used to determine whom specifically should be targeted for poaching. We also use other methods like Narrow casting, In-Circle Recruiting, Passive Reach etc to get the senior talent on Board.

Lateral Search

We also help our clients to staff the mid and lower range experience candidates with exclusive events and specific drives.Based on whether it is for back fill positions or newly created positions, we offer a customised comprehensive sourcing plan to start with. We then follow the agreed recruitment road map with execution value to meet our service objectives- onboard the right talent within shortest possible time frame.


To augment all the Talent Acquisition solutions we also offer RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) and Temp Staffing solutions which could compliment our efforts in your talent endeavours.

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